2013 Music Review

Like all art. Music flourishes and suffers from an audience that knows not what to do with it. Is enjoying music enough? If not, then should we analyze it? Should music be compared to other music and receive a rating? For some, music is something that makes dancing possible. For others, music is an expression of the self.

Personally. Music is art because it doesn’t fulfill a singular purpose. Music raises new questions as it answers old questions. Consequently, because of this, I really enjoy discussing music with others. I enjoy getting an emotional reaction from music. I enjoy when music speaks with lyrics that are seemingly universal yet personal.

Sometimes music achieves the status of soundtrack. However, I do not mean background noise. I suggest that there are times when music narrates our lives. Adds to the purpose of our story. Becomes an integral piece to the sense of our days and the definition of our experiences.

Thinking of music in this way. I would like to share my favorite songs / artists / albums from the year 2013. These are the songs that gave meaning to the trials, victories, worries, and joys of my 2013. These are songs I found in the year 2013. This music is not exclusive to being new to the year 2013 only. (the oldest song goes back to 1928). Thinking that only music from one year should go into a “year-end-list” is reductive and I cannot make sense of thinking that way.

If you would like. Here is a Spotify playlist that offers 5 hours and 29 minutes of my favorite music from the past year. What should you do with the music on this playlist? I don’t know. But it starts simply enough. Listen.

Hits 2013


~ by Vince Bauters on December. 23. 2013.

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