Theory of Returning Daylight

Perform yourself. Circa this morning
2014. Assembled approximately
after 27 years. More or less erased and
then resketched. Your smooth escape
in and out of your own body.

A jawline of stubble to evoke a carnivore’s
contemplation. A pair of green eyes to express
a pair of sharpened scissors.

Face the wind. The sensation of
falling. Have another drive to work.

Find yourself, once again,
in the middle of the ritual; this is where
you become beautiful.

Have another look at the morning sky.
Don’t use the word: “Asunder”

Use the word: “Blossom.”

Bandage the bleeding sun.

This is the promise of each new day.
That every “good-bye” will become


~ by Vince Bauters on September. 15. 2014.

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